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Ever Had Enough of So-Called Experts on Social Media?

Age vs. Experience: Unraveling the Validity of 20-Year-Old So-Called SEO Experts on Social Media!

In today’s digital landscape, the rise of social media has allowed for the emergence of young influencers who claim expertise in harnessing the power of everything online. However, skepticism often arises when individuals barely out of their teenage years brand themselves as SEO experts. In this article, we will delve into the perception, misconceptions, and realities surrounding these so-called 20-year-old experts in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation.

Perception vs. Reality

The perception that age equates to inexperience is a widely held belief. However, in the realm of search engine optimisation, the dynamics may be different. The digital era has allowed young individuals to grow up immersed in the online world, giving them an intuitive understanding of internet platforms and web design. While experience and maturity often go hand in hand, it is important to recognise that younger individuals can possess a unique perspective and knowledge of the internet and current google algorithms/data that older generations may lack.

The Trials of Experience

Age alone does not necessarily guarantee expertise. Experience in SEO, marketing, web design, UX, AR and many other acronyms involves much more than just being an active user of the internet. It requires a deep understanding of algorithm changes, trends, audience behaviour, and effective marketing strategies. While young influencers may possess innate knowledge of SEO, they may lack the business acumen, strategic thinking, and comprehensive understanding of marketing principles that come with years of experience.

Education and Continuous Learning

One aspect often overlooked in the discussion is formal education and continuous learning. While some young SEO experts may have limited professional experience, many possess a solid educational foundation in marketing or related fields. Additionally, they are often avid learners, staying updated with industry trends, attending webinars, and seeking mentorship from established professionals. This commitment to ongoing education and growth can bridge the experience gap and contribute to their expertise in social media.

Value in Fresh Perspectives

One of the benefits that young web designers bring to the table is fresh perspectives and an ability to adapt quickly to changing trends. Their understanding of current web design culture and what resonates with younger demographics can be invaluable for businesses targeting these audiences. Their creativity and ability to think outside the box can bring a unique approach to social media strategies, web design, and SEO strategies that may not be as prevalent among more experienced professionals.

The Need for a Balanced Approach

While there are merits to considering young experts, it is essential not to dismiss the value of experience. A balanced approach combines the youthful enthusiasm and fresh perspectives of young influencers with the solid foundation of knowledge and experience acquired through years of industry practice. Collaboration and mentorship between generations can create a powerful blend of insights and strategies that can drive successful social media campaigns.

So What to do???

In the ever-evolving world of all things ‘internet’, age should not be the sole determinant of expertise. While it is important to assess the experience and knowledge of individuals claiming to be social media experts, it is equally crucial to recognise the unique perspective and fresh ideas that young influencers bring to the table. Rather than dismissing them solely based on their age, businesses should consider factors such as their educational background, continuous learning endeavours, adaptability, and creativity.

The key lies in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between age groups, combining the enthusiasm and digital-native skills of young experts with the depth of experience and strategic thinking possessed by seasoned professionals. By embracing a balanced approach, businesses can tap into the potential of these 20-year-old experts, leveraging their unique perspectives while also taking advantage of the wisdom and industry knowledge acquired over time.

Ultimately, expertise in search engine optimisation is a culmination of various factors, including experience, education, adaptability, and creativity. By acknowledging and respecting the strengths and weaknesses of both young influencers and seasoned professionals, businesses can maximise their website strategies and achieve meaningful results.

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